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Ceramic Pro In The Heavy Industry

Ceramic Pro was thoughtfully designed as a range of industrial multifunctional protective coatings for all surfaces. Our Ceramic Pro range creates a strong a durable barrier to chemicals, harsh weather conditions and corrosion elements.Its bonding features provide easy-to-clean surfaces that prevent water, dirt, grease and is anti-graffiti. Our star product for the heavy industry is Ceramic Pro Strong, it is resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis and chemicals. It is offered as a composite coating and requires no mixing with other substances. The Ceramic Pro range has been tested in oil pipelines in Russia, boats, electronic home appliances, alloy wheels, building materials, natural stone, public transport, signs, glass, electroplating industry, electronics, housing and LCD TVs.


Ceramic Pro partners with expert applicators to deliver a cutting-edge protection solution in the air.

Please contact our technician or Ceramic Pro Approved Applicator with inquiries on proper use and/or application. Onsite or offsite training courses are available for further instructions. Consult your MSDS information sheets for proper handling, disposal, and precautions while using this product.

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